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Private Wealth Management

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5 Step Polaris Wealth Management

At Polaris, authenticity and communication form the core of our unique, collaborative approach to creating your personalized Private Wealth Plan.

Our 5-Step Polaris Wealth Management Process is designed to help remove anxiety and promote authentic communication in order to help our clients financially prepare to achieve their goals.

Polaris supports you throughout the entire wealth creation and preservation cycle, and serves as a partner, advocate and advisor during all aspects of your financial life journey.

How to Choose a Financial Advisor

Here are some tips on what to consider when searching for a new Financial Advisor.

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1. Discovery

The Discovery Meeting provides an open, collaborative and consultative forum during which we “discover” and map out your goals and objectives, relevant family and professional relationships, cash flows, and risk profile so we can develop a comprehensive picture of your lifestyle and your financial planning and investment needs.

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2. Development

Private Wealth Plan Development. Based on the Discovery Meeting information, we create a draft Private Wealth Plan. This Plan is a personalized, written roadmap that
addresses your unique needs and offers specific recommendations to help you achieve your goals.

3. Implementation

Plan Implementation. During this meeting, we complete an in-depth review of the issues that matter most to you, including: Cash Flow Planning, Portfolio Allocation, Education Funding, Insurance & Risk Management, Retirement Planning, Income Tax Planning, Long Term Care & Estate Planning.

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4. Refine the Plan

Refine the Plan. Your Private Wealth Management Plan is a living, dynamic document. We make adjustments as needed according to your changing circumstance and and review your plan on an annual basis.

Private Wealth Management services combine Comprehensive Financial Planning services with ongoing Investment Management services.

Investment management fees are based on assets under management (AUM) and start at 0.50%